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Apr 19, 2015
5:27 pm
Apr 19, 2015
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Apr 19, 2015
3:40 pm
Apr 19, 2015
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Apr 19, 2015
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As usual, I created a video showcasing my Megaman Bosses. This time, it's the Pseudoroids turn! 

I'm sure no one has discovered it yet but there's actually a secret on my Megaman ZX Ultimus- Pseudoroids Teaser! I want you to check it out again! 

     Megaman ZX Ultimus (ZX3) - Pseudoroids (Teaser) by ultimatemaverickx

On my Megaman ZX Ultimus- Pseudoroids Teaser, when it finished loading. Instead of clicking the "Start" button, click the "Megaman ZX Ultimus logo" and see what's next! If you discovered it before, then you are lucky to see pseudoroids in advance! :D The secret is actually a special update back before when I'm still showing the hidden pseudoroids.

If you remember the poll before, I asked if you saw all of my ZX3 Pseudroids. I actually wanted to know if someone discovered the secret on my Pseudoroid Teaser. But the poll didn't go well but I understand why. Although that made me sure no one has discovered it yet. 

Actually, when I've shown all the X9 Mavericks. I thought of updating the X9 teaser and reveal all the hidden images but I think it's pointless. Besides, It's just meant for teasing. But this time on my ZX3 Pseudoroids Teaser, I thought of something different. The characters with the revealed images is a secret. Much more awesome than updating it. I love making surprises! XD I hope you find it awesome!

Here are the Concept Arts! 

MMZX Ultimus- Magmus the Molluroid by ultimatemaverickx    MMZX Ultimus- Dartgel the Dendroid by ultimatemaverickx

MMZX Ultimus- Eleqto the Cidaroid by ultimatemaverickx    MMZX Ultimus- Blufrost the Averoid by ultimatemaverickx
MMZX Ultimus- Orchiel the Seraphroid by ultimatemaverickx    MMZX Ultimus- Mythra the Echidnaroid by ultimatemaverickx
MMZX Ultimus-Chrollus and Chrollos the Chronoroids by ultimatemaverickxMMZX Ultimus- Wildburn the Dracoroid by ultimatemaverickx

Here are my X9 Mavericks that I turn into a Pseudoroid!

Megaman ZX3- Polslice the Pollinoroid by ultimatemaverickx   Megaman ZX3- Chrysgale the Danaroid by ultimatemaverickxMMZX Ultimus- Icelisk the Plumroid by ultimatemaverickx   MMZX Ultimus- Kingray the Alcyoroid by ultimatemaverickx

Here are the Rejected Pseudoroids! Poor them...

Aquor the Lilyroid (Rejected ZX3 Pseudoroid) by ultimatemaverickx  Slother the Omniroid (Rejected ZX3 Pseudoroid) by ultimatemaverickx

Art Block was really awful that time but creating these concepts would make me feel great anyway. In the end, I managed to create
these Pseudoroids even so!  

Unlike MMX9 Mavericks and MM11 Robot Master, this time I stick to the series original style. Zero/ZX style is my favorite Megaman style of the series and I rather draw these Pseudoroids in their original style rather than creating a new one. Instead of 8, there will be 12 Pseudoroids on my ZX3 concepts!

Pseudoroids has more complex design unlike other Megaman Bosses. Just by observing the artworks, they were all well thought out and imaginative. I really love their artworks! It was challenging to do these but it's because I did 12 rather than 8. It was fun really.


ultimatemaverickx's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I've started drawing when I was a kid. I'm not into drawing much before. I wanted to become a game designer or developer that time. When I went to college, there I got exposed to many artist. I got inspired to draw more and improve my skill. I've been a fan of games especially the Megaman Series. I draw characters from that series because I love it. It turns out to be a hobby. Now, I hope to become a better artist and an animator!

Who is the best ZX Ultimus Pseudoroid for you? (I didn\'t include the 4 X9 mavericks turned into Pseudoroids because I can only create 10 choices in this poll.) 

32 deviants said Magmus the Molluroid
24 deviants said Wildburn the Dracoroid
13 deviants said Chrollus and Chrollos the Chronoroids
7 deviants said Orchiel the Seraphroid
6 deviants said Blufrost the Averoid
5 deviants said Mythra the Echidnaroid
4 deviants said Eleqto the Cidaroid
3 deviants said Dartgel the Dendroid


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shadowmanwily Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are you doing anything professionally? Because you really should.
DarkArtist491 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Y u no reply to me?
DarkArtist491 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
(I'm sorry, I just get a little impatient when comments aren't replied to over a week. Especially if it's a request.)
ultimatemaverickx Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry, XD...
ultimatemaverickx Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't accept requests for now btw. :(
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mega100 Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago
What is your next project?
ultimatemaverickx Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no plans...
mega100 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
How about enemies to megaman 11

i know normal enemies wouldn't be interesting but with those kind of robotmaster i Think the enemies would be awesome and a little bit more advanced then normal ones
mega100 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 9, 2015
i really liked glacier basilisk and darktooth fury please do you have any ideas i can do for a ice reptile and dark mammal i really want to create the same type of animals

one more thing do have an idea for a butterfly species name that fits to a wind and sunlight type because
Chrysippus sounds very unique
ultimatemaverickx Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Try Blue Crested Lizard and a Black Horse.

I can't think of a butterfly name that fits though...
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