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Three weeks later. Due to the incident of Lumine and the new generation reploids going maverick. The new generation reploids production has been halted. Growing weary from the Reploids maverick actions, Humans have created a settlement away from the reploids from different places on earth. The New Generation Reploids incident of going Maverick was kept classified so it won’t spread fear to humans.

X and Zero reported this incident from the higher authority. They mention about their comrade Axl in comatose because Lumine lashes something on his forehead. Axl  have not awaken for 3 weeks so X and Zero decided to bring Axl to a more advance investigatory process because he does not show any sign of recovery from the Headquarters. They admitted Axl in New Generation Reploids Research Facility.

Megaman X9- Dr. Craig Sid by ultimatemaverickx

Dr. Craig Sid one of the most brilliant scientist of that time hears of the situation. He gets very interested when he heard that it has something in relation with Lumine. Just as X and Zero brought Axl on the research facility. Dr. Craig Sid introduces himself to X and Zero as the scientist known as one of the major reploids who proposes that the new generation reploids should have copy chips bearing old generation reploids DNA. Also, he introduces himself that he is the new reploid in charge of the Jakob Elevator. Just as X and Zero heard that, they look suspiciously to Dr. Sid. However, Dr. Sid says that he felt regret that the New generation reploids have gone maverick. He knows Lumine very well but had arguments before he goes maverick. He already had a hint that he is going maverick but was unable to stop him. He assures X and Zero that he will try his best to investigate what had happen to their comrade Axl.  When X is about to speak to Dr. Sid, X receives a transmission from Alia. A berserk mechaniloid is rampaging near the Jakob elevator. X and Zero rushed to the scene.

As they have defeated the Mechaniloid, X and Zero see a city near the place. They check it out but no one was inside although it seems not abandoned because it is obviously newly built. They find it peculiar. They look up and saw a post entitling the “The Sanctuary”.

Megaman X9 Image Cutscene: The Sanctuary by ultimatemaverickx

X and Zero heads back to the headquarters. They discuss to their colleagues about the vacant city they saw near the recent mission. Unfortunately, when Alia researches about it, there is no information available yet. It is possibly because it was a newly built structure. Then, they mention Dr. Craig Sid as the main scientist to investigate Axl and the new director in charge of the elevator. They get suspicious if they could trust him because he is one of the reploids who proposes that new generation reploids should bear copy chips containing old generation reploids DNA. Although it could be possible he did not know that adding Sigma’s data on copy chips would cause them to go maverick.

Suddenly, the navigators got a transmission!

 Megaman X9- Image Cutscene: Mavericks Locations by ultimatemaverickx

8 new mavericks are detected from various locations. The mavericks are an old generation reploids causing havoc near the human settlements.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I've started drawing when I was a kid. I'm not into drawing much before. I wanted to become a game designer or developer that time. When I went to college, there I got exposed to many artist. I got inspired to draw more and improve my skill. I've been a fan of games especially the Megaman Series. I draw characters from that series because I love it. It turns out to be a hobby. Now, I hope to become a better artist and an animator!


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Superchozo 3 days ago  New member
There is only one word to describe this guy: um...

come on! one word is not enough for so much talent, i mean, from regular sprite animation, to a perfect one, and even a dramatrack animation! What you will do tomorrow?

Try to conquer the world! xD, but you are close to.
GoldenAndSilver Apr 9, 2014  Student Artist
Hey Ulti, have any theory on what happened to Axel?  We never found out what happened to him after MMX8.  :3
ultimatemaverickx Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course. :)
Um, hello. Is it alright if I ask what program you use for your Flash Animations?

Also, your ZX3 Concepts are amazing as heck! It all makes sense and fits together perfectly, and the art-style is just as wonderful. Although I wish I knew more about Ezro and what made him become the Model Z Biomatch or something... But I digress, someday I really hope to see your ZX3 become a whole, complete story and/or game. It would totally "rock", I bet.
ultimatemaverickx Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 I use Photoshop mainly for animating and sometimes Flash CS6.

Thanks a lot btw! :D
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